Heat NO.7


It’s been a while since I left tea in the trash can.

Thinking so, I threw plastic bottled tea into the trash.

Originally, I would throw the contents of this tea in the bathroom and then throw it into the trash, but I was a little shocked at this time and I didn’t mind that.

I want to pass this tea off soon.

I thought so.

I knew that I couldn’t drink tea.

Still, I’ll be thirsty over time.

After all there is only cola.

So I bought a cola.

By the way, I had only US dollars, but most shops at the airport received US dollars.

I don’t know what to do if the Chinese yuan is left over.

I’m glad I could use it for the time being.

The time has passed and the time to board is approaching.

I was concerned about time.

The reason is that the smartphone time and the airport time are different.

Perhaps if I set it, it should be solved immediately, but I could not understand how to set it and I could not take my eyes off the display showing the boarding time.

I’m horrified if I couldn’t get in the wrong time here.

Meanwhile, what should I do here?

I was just thinking about that.

Even though I’m usually loose in time, it didn’t happen.

And the trouble is that the gates on board are changing rapidly.

I was careful to make sure that I couldn’t get in the wrong gate because the information was different from the one I had just before.

It was boarding time and I went to the gate.

Everyone is lined up here as well.

I didn’t line up.

Because it’s no use lining up.

Certainly, being able to sit early is reassuring and calming.

But I don’t need that.

As I said before, the flight departure time does not change.

I rode towards the end.

And I wasn’t worried about luggage storage.

Some people were in trouble because there was a lot of space for luggage.

This is the time when I have to get on quickly.

Immediately after the announcement, the plane started moving and headed for the runway.

This time I chose all China Southern Airlines.

White and blue are beautiful aircraft.

This was the reason for going through China.

Probably the airport that China Southern Airlines is home to is Guangzhou.

Many white and blue aircraft were lined up.

Do you need such an airplane?

That’s a lot of capital.

China cannot be underestimated.

It’s time to leave.

And after I felt a strong force, this plane was flying.

It is close to Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s a plane story, but it’s close.

It’s less stressful than a flight from Narita.

It should be midnight when I arrive in Ho Chi Minh.

You have to think about how you can spend your time meaningfully until the morning at the airport.

What is it that kills time in the first place?

Why do you have to spend time traveling?

This way of thinking may have to be changed little by little.

Originally I don’t know how to get to downtown from Ho Chi Minh Airport.

And I don’t know the bus station from the city center to Cambodia.

Shouldn’t we think about that if we have time?

I should have done it at the airport in Guangzhou, but I didn’t.

When you arrive in Ho Chi Minh, let’s connect to Wi-Fi.

I don’t know how to connect.

to be continued.