Heat NO.8

This is Vietnam.

I don’t feel that.

Because it’s still on the plane.

For now, the plane has arrived at the airport and is slowly running on the runway.

Maybe it wasn’t slow.

Probably because I fell so far from that fast speed.

The sound of a dawn was heard at the connection extending from the airport, and the connection was completed.

I headed for the airport as everyone was rushing into the airport.

I have no first impression of Ho Chi Minh Airport.

That was the impression.

I thought that because it was after I saw the airport in China.

I went through immigration and searched for a backpack.

I was a little worried.

I wonder if he will really change his backpack when the plane changes.

After a while, a big orange and gray backpack came out.

I was a little relieved and took the backpack out.

Here I had to remember.

Connect to Wi-Fi at this airport.

However, I was distracted by the fact that I had a backpack and I went outside.

I tried to turn back, but it was late.

A person in charge said that I couldn’t go in from here.

I knew that, but wanted to turn back.

I crouched outside the airport at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I don’t care anymore and in the morning I’ll find a suitable bus and get on somewhere.

That was the idea.

Looking around, there were some benches and I went to an uncrowded place and sat down.

If you sleep a little here, the sky will be bright.

I thought so and went to sleep a little.

After some time, my body was getting itchy.

I was bitten by a mosquito.

Certainly, I heard an unpleasant humming noise in my ears, shaking my hands unconsciously.

I wanted to see what kind of mosquitoes live in the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia, so I dared to hold my arm out and see them stabbed.

If you look closely, it was a mosquito with a strange shape, with slightly different buttocks or longer hind legs than Japanese mosquitoes.

The bites are almost the same as those of mosquitoes in Japan, they become red and then itchy, and after a while, they are healed.

I fell asleep with peace of mind knowing that I didn’t have any unusual symptoms.

My body was itchy but I slept.

When I noticed, the sky became a little brighter and the number of large buses and taxis increased.

And my uncle called out to me when I woke up.

He was a Hiace driver, with five people already in the back seat, apparently waiting for other passengers.

When asked where to go, he said the bus station.

Isn’t this where I wanted to go?

I didn’t ask for the nice timing and the amount of money, so I got on the back seat.

There are people from various countries, but they all had backpacks, so they would be the ones who travel the same way as me.

I have only a short period of time, but maybe they enjoy the journey for a longer period.

I was a little jealous.

I wanted to speak and talk, but my English was so terrible that I quit.

The sky became brighter and at the same time, as the city entered, the scenery became lively.

The car stopped in the city and I paid the driver the money and went out.

I have forgotten how much I paid, but I don’t remember being blunted.

Is this Vietnam?

The atmosphere of the city bustling from the morning was similar to that of India, but the buildings and faces of people were completely different.

Many foreigners were waiting here.

It seems to be the ticket office of the long-distance bus.

When I wanted to buy a ticket in a line, a boy came to me.

“Where did you come from?”

It was a little dark young boy.

to be continued.