Heat NO.9

The a little dark boy was Japanese.

The name is Hamamato.

He is a student and is here during summer vacation.

Somehow, it was cool and cool.

Maybe he will be popular.

I thought so because I’m not popular.

It was at that time.

One scooter stopped in front of me when I was talking to him about their hometown.

It was a woman.

Make-up that doesn’t look good on this sunny early morning.

She looked at me and said in poor Japanese.

“Do you have time for your brother?”

“Let’s go together”

She said so.

I was so surprised at this point that I couldn’t say anything.

“It’s okay to go.”

Hamamoto-kun said so.

That’s fine.

I shook my head sideways.

Definitely a whore.

If you can find a Japanese person in a place with a lot of people, you can call out to them.

It’s a pretty strong man.

I am grateful to him for taking care of me on the way.

I’m not going to keep up if I’m alone.

Hamamoto-kun is relaxing in this Ho Chi Minh city and is going to Cambodia by bus today.

The reason why I came to Ho Chi Minh was that it was difficult to go directly to Cambodia, and even if I had the same connection as here, it was expensive.

So I’m sorry for Ho Chi Minh, but this was only a passing point.

It seems he got a ticket at the bus company I lined up with.

I wanted to get on the bus at the same time if there were tickets left, but unfortunately it was sold out.

I didn’t feel like I might travel with him.

I went to a different bus company and got a ticket easily.

Is there any difference in the bus companies?

I don `t really understand.

The bus where Hamamoto-kun came first came.

He said before riding.

“You go to Siem Reap, right?”

“If you have time, let’s eat together.”

He said so.

Was delighted.

I registered on Facebook when I came back from India.

If you have such an encounter, you will be connected to something.

I don’t want to connect with anyone.

But I wanted to connect with the people I met in this way.

After exchanging contact information with him, he bowed lightly and got on the bus.

I waved my hand and saw him off.

There was a little time before the bus I took, so I walked around the city and took some pictures.

It’s nice to come to Ho Chi Minh but it’s a waste to pass by without doing anything.

You may never come here.

No, I have a feeling that it may come someday, but not for a while.

It was when everyone was trying to move back to the bus station after taking some pictures.

Where are you walking?

My bus seemed to be at the back instead of here, so I walked there.

My seat is at the back left.

It’s the window side.

I leave my backpack and board the bus.

It is full during the summer vacation.

I drank a little cola that I bought just before I sat down and sat down.

There is no next to me or next to it.


I thought so, but the Western couple who came in last sat in that seat.

The black woman sitting next to me was so full that the moment I sat down, it squeezed into my seat.

Although it’s a window seat, it’s the first time I’ve felt like the windows are so close.

Almost half ass.

It will take 4 hours and 30 minutes to arrive in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

It’s pretty nice.

The bus started to move.

A man sitting in a half-assed position on the left back of the bus leaves for Cambodia.

to be continued.