Heat NO.10


The bus departs from Ho Chi Minh City and heads to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

I was looking out the window all the time.

It’s a country road after leaving the town, and the scenery is only rice fields.

Sometimes a small temple came up, but it was really small and passed by in an instant.

See you all over the rice fields.

I wonder if it is a country where agriculture is thriving.

I could only think of that.

Unlike India, it had a lot of greenery and reminded me of the scenery of Japan a while ago.

And people who seemed to live in the area had a lot of smiles.

The smile was impressive.

I think I’ve never met a smile in India.

Maybe this country is by no means wealthy either.

But people can smile.

I think it makes me happy.

Money is not the only measure of happiness.

I’ve always thought that since I was a kid.

As an adult, I have come to understand the need for money and the value of work, but it is a recent thing, and there is an opinion that something can be done without it.

But soon someone will argue.

You just need to feel like me.

Even if I was born in this country and not wealthy, I think I could have accepted and smiled.

Because I was born there, I will live thinking that I cannot help it.

However, I think that once I was looking for a chance to go to the capital or seek work overseas.

Born in Japan, I am happy at that point.

I don’t know what true happiness is, but I think I’m happy.

Just getting on this bus makes my heart calm.

I think it might be a good idea to take a leisurely trip while enjoying such scenery.

I think developed countries are fine, but I feel like I can go without problems even if I become a grandpa, and now I feel like going to developing countries a little.

This trip was to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, but I think it was the correct answer.

It was really good considering the distance thing.

If you can take more holidays, consider different points, but I think this is the limit in my current work style.

I think it’s the same with half ass on my seat.

I don’t hate the woman next door, but it’s about 1.5 seats wide, so I wondered what I was doing when I was in the economy seat of an airplane.

I was a little worried that it might be inconvenient in the future, as the width of the standard sheet does not fit.

Then, I think I should take a comfortable seat in business class, but I realized that I would not be on this bus if I had enough money.

I’m not lean at all, and I’m exercising almost every day, so I’m rather lean.

So I didn’t understand the feeling of being fat.

Why do you get fat?

Why don’t you notice it on the way?

I always thought so.

Someday I will be a perfect uncle with loose meat.

But let me tell you now.

Why does that happen?

I’ll be able to explain if that happens.

The bus slowed down and arrived at the rest area.

My one butt was numb because blood flow was almost stopped.

Only a little is released.

Was saved.

to be continued.