South to north

South to north

Where is this in Vietnam?

He is going north from Ho Chi Minh City to enter Cambodia.

I was struggling at a rest area along the way.

It was because the woman next door was too wide to move freely.

After a bit of physical activity, I went to a small private store to buy more cola that had been drunk on the bus.

A very cold cola came out.

There is a refrigerator in this countryside.

If you look around, it’s a country like nothing.

However, only the electric wire runs.

This would be appreciated by the people.

I thought that I could live in Cambodia at worst in the information that some countries do not even draw electricity.

I feel like I was saying that even in India.

Maybe I want to live abroad.

I know the reality isn’t that sweet, but I think I’d like to try it once.

Well it’s impossible.

After the break, I got on the bus again with a cola.

When I sat down, there was a man sitting next to me and a full woman was moving to the next seat.

Was good.

I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

I thought once again that the seat for one person was so wide.

The bus starts moving and heads north.

Immediately after leaving, there was a big river and the bus stopped there.

I could see it well because it was a window seat.

I’m about to board this bus.

Are you alright?

A person in charge came to collect passenger passports and money as the bus progressed little by little.

You need a visa to enter Cambodia.

And they have the trouble of doing that.

$ 25 in total.

The visa is $ 20 and the fee is $ 5.

I think it’s a reasonable price.

I gave my passport and money to the person in charge and watched the bus board the boat.

The ship started to move and shook a little.

I can see the other bank, so I’m not so worried.

I arrived on the other side without any trouble and the bus started moving again.

After running a little, I arrived at the border.

The bus stopped in front of the large building and we got off the bus.

It was the first time to cross the border on land.

I was a little nervous, but I felt a little relieved when everyone entered the building and was relaxed.

My turn came and I was asked a few questions by the staff over the glass, but there was no problem.

I take a five-fingerprint inspection of both hands and take a picture of my face with a camera.

This is the end.

I got out.

“Is this Cambodia?”


The scenery around that thing hasn’t changed at all.

The border crossing on land that I was looking forward to was over.

And we walked a little while the bus was waiting and we got on.

The bus doesn’t leave even after a while.

What’s wrong?

It seems that one person was caught in the inspection.

After about 10 minutes, a woman came on board.

Now all the passengers have started.


The scenery soon turned into rice fields because the borders are not particularly busy.

What is the difference between the scenery of Ho Chi Minh and Cambodia?

It’s the same for me.

Perhaps their faces are similar.


Even if it is said that it is Cambodia from the end of the land, it doesn’t make sense.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

I started to think so.

I fell asleep because I was a little relieved to cross the border.

I don’t even know when I slept.

I was in the town when I woke up.

Is this the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh?

to be continued.