South to north NO.2

South to north

I got off the bus that I got on for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

When I got off, took a backpack and walked for a while, many tuk-tuk drivers appeared.

In India, vehicles intended to carry people such as tricycles are called Autorickshaw, and in Cambodia they are called tuk-tuk.

The shape is a little different.

I hadn’t booked a hotel either, and honestly didn’t know what to do.

The only purpose I came to here in Phnom Penh was to see Killing Field.

It’s already evening so I’d like to take a hotel somewhere and take a rest today.

So I asked the driver who was near me.

“Is there a cheap hotel somewhere?”

The driver nodded, so I took a tuk-tuk and took him to the hotel.

It’s hot outside and I can’t stop sweating.

Is this the heat of Southeast Asia?

I used to play baseball until high school, so I’m used to the heat.

When expressing this heat, the sun is stronger than in Japan, but it is cool in the shade due to low humidity.

I felt that way.

easy to pass the time.

At least in Japan than in summer or winter in India.

I hear that there are people who are reaching retirement age in Southeast Asia.

This climate would be fine.

But is food okay?

I haven’t come here and eat proper food yet.

I’m a little worried.

After a while, I arrived at the hotel.

When I entered the hotel and asked the front desk, the room was vacant.

However, I was surprised to hear the price.

“$ 40”

I can’t afford such money for a hotel.

There is no such value in this hotel.

I decided so.

I got angry with the tuk-tuk driver.

But he probably has that much money because I am Japanese, he said.

I thought it was bad to get angry, but I decided that this driver was also bad and hit others.

After all, when I come to a developing country, can I look rich?

I still didn’t know the average salary of this country at this time.

If you think carefully, Japanese are rich.

The image fits.

It may have been the image of the Japanese people who have come to Japan for sightseeing.

Japan cannot be said to be a booming economy and is being overtaken by overseas companies one after another.

Still, the Japanese can be rich in this country.

It’s unreasonable.

In front of me was a different driver than before.

I will tell you this time.

“Are there hotels under $ 10?”

The driver nodded and explained after riding me.

He also told me the names of some hotels and told me the amount and type of room.

I chose the cheapest hotel and asked me to go here.

I don’t know if this driver will get a back from the hotel for me, but it could be anything less than $ 10.

I arrived at the hotel and asked if there was a room at the front desk.

The girl at the front said she was vacant and asked me for her passport.

I handed my passport to her and wrote my information in the lodging book.

After listening to the general notes, I went to the room.

The room I was taken to was a room for eight people.

I put my backpack on the designated bed and looked around and inside the hotel.

Around this area, cheap hotels, bars, and shops of customs lined up, forming one entertainment district.

There were many bargainers that I often see in Japan.

The sky is already dark and I’m hungry.

I entered a small dining room nearby and ordered curry.

I just said “curry”.

After a while curry came out in front of my table.

The curry was green and was different from the “curry” I had imagined.

I tried it.

Impression of the first mouth.

“I’m sorry”

I wonder what this sweetness is.

This is coconut.

If you order “curry” here, this green curry will come out.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t eat everything and I paid.

I have lost my appetite.

I went to a convenience store, bought the classic Lays and cola overseas and went back to the hotel.

to be continued.