South to north NO.3

South to north

This room is hot.

Only big fans are spinning on the ceiling.

Do you sleep in such a place?


For the time being, there is a kitchen and a space where you can eat, so let’s go there and eat cola and potato chips.

I climbed the stairs and went to the kitchen.

People from various rooms gather here and make noise.

I don’t think everyone is acquainted

In the kitchen, the women were happy to cook rice.

I sat at the edge and quietly ate cola and potato chips.

Everyone is watching the smartphone.

Is there Wi-Fi here?

I didn’t write anything on the wall.

I asked a nearby woman who seemed to come from Europe and America to have Wi-Fi.

She took my smartphone with a smile and connected it to Wi-Fi.

My smartphone was set up in Japanese, so I was able to connect quickly while listening to “How do I read this?”

She told me “Enjoy” and I said “Thank you”.

People who are accustomed to overseas exchanges have nothing to do with it, but it was a big exchange for me.

As in the last time in India, I am nobody when I come abroad.

It is seen as the only Japanese.

That’s obvious.

Nobody thinks of the person here.

They just stay in the same inn and spend the same time in the same place.

But everyone respects each other’s lives.

I think I’ve noticed something important.

I usually feel that I don’t like it or it’s a hassle.

Instead, I wanted to respect each one and live.

This exchange was really a little bit.

People may change with trivial things.

She asked me a lot, where did you come from and where do you want to go?

When I answered somehow in my own English, she probably realized that I was not good at English.

And she spoke slowly and kindly.

Thank you.

I doubt she knew everything, but I think she understood.

She will go to Siem Reap tomorrow to see Angkor Wat.

I told him I would stay here and go to the killing field.

I felt that I should meet again somewhere.

She went back to the room because she was going to sleep and I drank cola so I went back to the room and was relaxed.

The lights were on and I was watching the internet all the time.

I was sleepy when I watched a little video after watching the same news as usual.

How can I go to the killing field tomorrow?

I searched variously, but I think it’s better to go with tuk-tuk.

It won’t be so far away and you won’t have to pay weird fare at this distance.

And we have to think about the bus after that.

I really want to catch a bus that leaves tomorrow evening.

The search says that there is a bus from the evening, but where can I buy it?

I wish I had heard it at today’s bus terminal.

Let’s buy a ticket tomorrow before going to Killing Field.

I wonder if I have to plan properly and proceed with the trip.

Though I thought variously, I fell asleep without getting a good answer.

to be continued.