South to north NO.4

South to north

5:30 am

I got up.

Normally it wouldn’t happen in such an early time.

The snoring of the person in the same room as me is amazing.

It is impossible to try to sleep again.

I had no choice but to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

There were everyone.

I’m supposed to be active so quickly.

I thought so.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and went out.

It seems that Cambodia’s morning is early, and many people are already open and doing business.

I went to the convenience store I went to last night and bought a cola again.

Instead of eating breakfast at the stall, I bought two breads and went back to the inn to eat slowly.

I didn’t notice much until I came here, but I realized that my body was sticky.

Speaking of which, I had never taken a shower since I left my room in Japan.

I didn’t think anything about it, but I thought it would make people around me uncomfortable, so I took a shower after eating breakfast.

I thought about it when I was taking a shower, but somehow it was more dirty than Japan.

Everything, not just water, is dirty.

I guess this is impossible for people who usually live in Japan.

I was taking a shower while thinking so.

Don’t ask for more quality at this price.

So I went to the front desk, telling myself.

“I’ll check it out, but can you keep my backpack?”

I said so in poor English.

The girl at the front said, “I’m fine,” and put my backpack in the back room with a pain.

I got out with only a small bag and camera.

I have a passport and a credit card in my pocket, but for the time being it became lighter.

When I went outside and walked for a while, there was a big street, and there were many tuk-tuks.

A nearby driver-like man asked me where I wanted to go by giving me a stuff like a brochure.

I only announced the killing field and the bus stop.

However, they appealed to me with the feeling that there are many other fun things.

If I have time, I want to go around this city of Phnom Penh more slowly, but unfortunately I have no time and I can’t stay here so long.

For the time being, I wanted to buy a bus ticket and went to the bus stop.

There are many people at the bus stop, and it is not vending like Japan.

The person in charge is very slow because the destination, seat, and name are written on the ticket by hand.

It’s a system or something full of thrusts.

When I came and asked if there was a bus going to Siem Reap in the evening, he said, “That’s not the bus company next to you, not two here.”

I was a little frustrated because I thought I was handling all the tickets here.

I moved to another place and asked if there was an evening ticket.

The clerk said, “Yes.”

I bought one and paid for it.

At that time, a person in charge said, “It’s not this bus stop that you get on.”


Is that so?

If you go to pick up your backpack, ask the hotel staff.

I headed for the killing field.

to be continued.