South to north NO.5

South to north

I’m heading to the killing field now.

Tuk-tuk is running while cutting the wind in the city.

It is also nice to be able to relax and watch the scenery alone.

It was a little different from the view from the bus.

Even if you look at the same scenery, it depends on the means of transportation.

I arrived at something very close to my surprise.

Killing field.

This was dominated by a human named Pol Pot who reigned at the top of Cambodia in the past.

Pol Pot was famous for his fear politics.

It seems that one-third of the people have died because of him.

Is it possible to kill so many people in the same country?

I can’t think of it.

Anyway, he seems to have killed smart people from all sides.

What’s wrong with a smart person?

I don’t know what kind of grudge I have, but I killed him anyway.

If there is such a person, take him to a facility.

Then kill them in order.

Among them are small children.

What was he thinking?

I don’t really understand the feelings of the people around me who follow that idea.

If he didn’t follow it, he would have been killed.

After all, one-third of the people lost their lives.

I said that long ago, it’s only 30 to 40 years ago.

That might have happened when I was alive.

The name of the facility is Killing Field.

It seems that there are many killing fields.

Here is the largest facility where many people were executed.

Let’s go inside.

There was an earphone that explained.

There is also an explanation in Japanese.

I walked in while listening to it.

The foreigners around me were quiet.

It was a strange atmosphere.

Now it’s just a vacant lot and there are almost no huts.

But the atmosphere is very dark.

Did so many people really die here?

There is a big tree in the middle.

Magic tree.

Here, he said that he used a large speaker to prevent the screams of playing music from being executed.


At first, he was killing with a gun, but since he could not afford to spend more money, he was killed with a knife or hammer.

You can kill a gun with one shot, but other killing methods do not die immediately and a scream or a loud voice is heard.

Making a louder sound is a means to prevent it from being heard.


I can’t believe this was happening here.

Is it okay for people to show this to Cambodia?

Isn’t it painful for tourists to lose money from overseas?

Perhaps I’m leaving this to never happen again.

If so, I think it is the correct answer.

A box where you can put in the bones if they are missing.

It’s like a small grave that is supposed to have been made by locals for memorial purposes.

I felt like I had to know this history.

It’s nice to be here this time.

You can stay here for a long time today.

There are benches here and there.


Let’s sit down

Everyone prays quietly looking at the pamphlets and closing their eyes.

Looking up, it’s a blue sky and I’m living a normal life outside.

Only here is different.

Is it true that the bones are still falling?

I’m unscrupulous but I searched.


But not.

Maybe it wasn’t.

I sit here walking for many laps.

History repeats, but this must not repeat.

Staying here all the time would make you crazy.

I think even that.


I feel like I won’t come here anymore, so sit back and have a look.

The history that many people died here.

to be continued.