South to north NO.6

South to north

I’m about to leave the killing field where I’ve been for a long time, but I think that coming here will affect my life after that.

I think there are such places in Japan as well, but I have no chance to go and I have no information.

Let’s look it up later.

When I went outside, the tuk-tuk driver who was brought me was waiting for me.

It seems that I raised my hand and the driver noticed.

I was a little hungry and asked the driver to eat lunch somewhere.

I decided to go there if there was something I could recommend to him.

He had a long history as a driver and was expecting places where Japanese people would be pleased.

“It’s nearby”

He said so and started with me.

It was really close.

However, when I recall it, I feel like I came here yesterday.

The driver proudly told me to put it in.

I wanted to say that I knew it, but when I saw his face, I couldn’t say that.

I think the image of green curry yesterday is so strong that it doesn’t taste good no matter what.

I can’t do anything more than the curry I thought was safe was erased.

If you look closely at the menu, it’s written as Frog.

What is frog meat?

Let’s eat.

It’s coming out of the store so it’s pretty good.

I had that hope.

If you think carefully, there are no customers in this store.

Isn’t that the answer?

I’m a little worried.

After a while, the frog meat came out.


It’s not like a frog.

It looks like an ordinary chicken saute.

Rice is also included.

I’m afraid to eat.



It’s not a flattery, it’s really delicious.

The feeling is the same as chicken.

The seasoning is good and you can go at all.

I’ve eaten everything.

I hadn’t imagined such a thing.

I will tell everyone when I return to Japan that frogs were delicious.

After finishing the meal, I finished the payment and went back to the hotel to get my backpack.

It is within walking distance to the hotel, but I asked the driver to go to the hotel because I want to keep this tuk-tuk.

I said that I arrived at the hotel and went to the front desk to get my backpack, but it was difficult to tell because the person in charge was changed.

The first girl was awkward, but I think she did her job properly for the time being.

But this guy does nothing and does not try to move from that place.

In the end, I will give you the key, so I handed it to me as if I was looking for it.

How do I guarantee if I carry a different person’s bag?

And this hotel doesn’t have a security camera.

Is it okay?

I took my backpack and returned the key to the front man.

I went to the driver waiting outside and got him to the bus stop and gave him $ 18.

The driver actually said it was $ 20 but it was only $ 18 in my pocket.

Of course, I think I gave it $ 20, but it wasn’t.


I’ll give you extra if I meet again next time.

I had about 2 hours until the bus arrived, so I exchanged money and bought candy and cola.

to be continued.