South to north NO.9

South to north

Single room in the hotel.

It’s good, but the dormitory feel was good.

There is only me in a single room, so there is a great merit that the bag will not be stolen or badly chased.

But that feeling of dormitory was better for me.

Maybe it’s just now.

Living in large numbers can be stressful.

Then I could just change to a single room.

$ 11 in this room.

The dormitory says it costs $ 4.

Isn’t it cheap?

It is good not only to be cheap but to be able to communicate with people who have the same purpose.

I’m thinking of coming here again, but I still have to know the minimum level of English.

I feel like I was saying that even in India.

But what will happen if you study?

I don’t think there is a loss in doing so, but I don’t have an image of how to study.

For the time being, I think it would be good to speak because it is okay to make mistakes.

I don’t know if that is the correct answer, but since I came to such a place for the time being, let’s try it.

First take a shower and then go outside.

The good thing about single rooms is that you can take a shower at your leisure.

I was a little worried.

I wonder if the shower will come out properly at the price of this inn.

Like in India, only water comes out, or the water pressure is weak and it only feels like chorochoro.

The answer was different.

A shower was coming out that was warm, warm, and watery.

This is good cospa.

After finishing the shower, I changed clothes, took a rest, and went out.

The reason I took a rest in the room was that the room had an air conditioner.

Moreover, it works well.

I forgot my name, but if I come next time I’ll stay here.

When I went outside, the city was still bright and it was like a Japanese downtown area.

Pub street.

Many foreigners are being appealed to the public by appealing that it is a downtown area.

What’s here?

I thought about going around this town for a while.

After walking, there are bars, restaurants, karaoke and massages.

Of course, there are some strange shops.

He talks to me with a lot of bargaining.

I didn’t come here for that, but I understand why so many foreigners are here.

Not all, but cheaper than Japan.

It would be fun to come here for fun, and considering travel expenses, I think that I would be able to return more satisfied than in Japan.

It seems like that.

However, as I said, I didn’t come here for that purpose.

For the time being, I want to eat dinner, have a light drink, walk around and sleep at the hotel.

I knew that frog meat was delicious for lunch today, but I also wanted to try something different.

I don’t know Cambodian food culture, so I look for places where I can eat local food.

The place I chose was a small restaurant with few customers.

No, it’s not a restaurant.

It’s a cafeteria.

Looking at the menu, the lineup is not much different.

As expected, I couldn’t eat coconut-flavored curry, so I drank chicken saute, rice, and the beer that was marked Encore.

First of all, beer comes in and I drink it in a glass.

It has a light taste but is easy to drink.

What is this feeling.

It is not as responsive as Japanese beer and is stronger than Happoshu.

It’s just right for me.

One bottle is over.

I asked for another bottle without any doubt.

After all it is delicious.

You can go unexpectedly.

Japanese beer is delicious.

That’s right.

It’s a beer that has been carefully crafted to win numerous awards in the world.

But it was heavy for me.

Angkor beer.

This might be better.

I would like to have this kind of beer in Japan easily.

When I finished drinking the second cup and ordered the third, chicken saute and rice came.

First, eat a bite of rice.

After all.

Why is that.

It has a unique smell that is different from Japanese rice.

It’s unique rather than smelly.

This may be the norm for those who live here.

But I’m curious.

I think it’s because I’m Japanese, but my appetite doesn’t improve a little.

It’s delicious when you try the chicken saute sauce together.

It’s a level that you can eat because the sauce erases the unique smell of rice rather than delicious.

Chicken is usually good.

Even if this comes out in Japan, I think you can eat it without any problems.

Compare all with Japanese standards.

Something bad about me has come out.

I’m in Cambodia right now so I hope you enjoy the taste here.

I think so.

Coconut curry is impossible.

to be continued.