South to north NO.10

South to north

I finished eating chicken saute.

was delicious.

It’s been a while since I drank three glasses of beer.

I’m not a fan of beer originally.

When I go out to drink with everyone, I usually use highball or Shochu.

Let’s find this kind of beer after we return.

Or check if you are selling it online.

I went out after paying the bill.

I realized it was here.

The previous checkout was $ 12.

Chicken saute and rice for $ 6, beer for $ 2.

I drank three glasses, so it’s $ 6.

A total of $ 12.

The rate at this time is 103 yen per dollar.

About 1250 yen in Japanese yen.

It’s cheap.

I don’t think there is a place where you can usually eat, drink and pay at this price.

I think it’s easy to play here in many ways.

But if you work here, you may feel the same salary as workers here.

I don’t know what the average salary here is.

I think it’s like that.

It’s fun to play with a Japanese salary once in a while and you’ll want to come again.

I thought it was better not to move here while you were young.

I long for life abroad, but I don’t think it’s too sweet.

I was thinking about that while walking outside.

I decided to enter a convenience store and buy sweets and cola.

Then there’s beer next to the cola shelf.

Of course there is also Angkor beer.

Let’s drink it once in a can.

I took one and bought it with cola and sweets.

I was invited to a sex shop on my way back to the hotel.

I asked to see only the photos of the girls who had decided not to enter.

The calling man showed me a list of girls with pictures.

It’s kind of cute, but it’s different from Japan and I can’t express it in words.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to being Japanese, I didn’t really think it was cute and I couldn’t have a relationship with these girls.

If I lived in Cambodia and had contact with these people, I would have accepted them, but I’m not that way right now.

Let’s return to the hotel for now.

After going through some invitations, I went back to my room.

I said a few, but I’ve confirmed all the girls’ photos.

He’s a nasty man.

it’s no use.

That kind of thing, man.

You’re silly.

I eat and drink everything I bought at the convenience store and I go to bed.

Tomorrow is the long-cherished Angkor Wat.

Enjoy 2 days early in the morning.

After that, I plan to go to Thailand, but I have no plans there.

Rather, I don’t know about Thailand at all.

Think about it when you’ve finished watching Angkor Wat.

After drinking the fourth glass of beer, I fell asleep before I knew it.

to be continued.