More north

More north

5:30 am

I got up

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I am preparing the camera and money.

I have everything I need for the time being.

Looking out the window, the tuk-tuk driver is already waiting.

I have to go.

I left the room and locked the key.

When I left the key at the front desk and went outside, the driver greeted me with a smile.

I took a tuk-tuk and started.

The first place to go is the ticket office.

I heard that it is also sold at the entrance, but it seems that people who buy it at a facility a little away do not have to line up.

The driver went to the facility and dropped me off.

I went to the ticket office at the back of the facility and bought a 3-day ticket.

It seems that the ticket has a face photo and must be shown in various places.

I paid and returned to Tuk-Tuk.

I’m going to Angkor Wat.

Is there really a view that can be seen in a photo?

I was a little doubting.

It is often the case that the photos that are often found in travel magazines were disappointing when I actually went there.

In the worst case, if you don’t think about that, you’ll be disappointed and you will end up mentally.

“We arrived”

The driver said so.

For now, it’s a nice place.

But I could see it a little.

This is huge.

After all it was true.

I go forward and ask the person in charge to check the ticket.

I walked like a bridge.


It looks like you’re in the RPG world.

Was it really made by old people?

You can imagine stacking stones.

However, in the old days, I couldn’t believe that I used to carry this heavy stone by hand without using a shovel car or a truck, and make it.

When it comes to dreams, it’s a big story, but there was a shock that was close to it.


It’s a different shock from yesterday’s Killing Field.

I crossed the bridge and entered.

What purpose and how long was it built here?

I didn’t know how much civilization ruled Cambodia and its history, and I felt sorry.

Once inside, I think again this is the world of RPG.

The creators of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy may have come to these places and inspired them.

But this is the original and I am here now.

The world is really big.

There are many things I don’t know.


There wasn’t a lot of people right now, but it’s gradually increasing.

It’s no wonder that the number one place I want to go on a trip to Japan was ranked first.

I don’t know what was going on here, but I know only those with considerable power have ruled this land for a long time.

Probably the ruled people would have been tough.

This civilization thrived with painful thoughts.


I walked

I walked so much that I could find out what was there without looking at the guidebook.

I have no sense of direction, but I could understand a little bit in this.

There are some steep stairs and some can climb up.

Many people are lined up here waiting for the climb.

I thought this staircase was dangerous.

There are handrails for sightseeing now, but they shouldn’t have been there at the time.

I think a lot of people here slipped and fell down the stairs and died.


There must be a reason why we took such a steep staircase.

Let’s look it up later.

If you climb to the top, you can see the road you came to by tuk-tuk.

Perhaps he was watching the enemy coming from here.

Unlike today, in the old war there were no guns, so I think that people were fighting each other.

Even in Japan, there was a missile called a matchlock gun for a long time, but I think the only missile at this time is a bow and arrow.

Much blood must have flowed.

This Angkor Wat is still in existence over various ages.

That’s amazing.


Before I knew it, I was hungry after 4 hours.

I’m hungry no matter how moving I am.

This is the reality.

to be continued.