More north NO.2

More north

This is a dream world.

I thought so.

It is a dream world with a reality different from Disneyland.

I am walking around Angkor Wat to have lunch.

There was a souvenir shop and a small dining room in front of the entrance, so I went there.

There are local foods, but it’s hard to get sick here, so I ordered light toast, baked sausage, and a standard cola.

Coke has the same taste throughout the world.

You can rest assured.

I think so and always drink.

I’m not drinking so much in Japan.

Even so, there are many people different from the morning.

As expected, it is a tourist spot that reigns at the top of Asia.

I’m glad I came here.

There was no mistake with this as the destination.

I am a Japanese office worker who has a normal income and is an ordinary person no matter what I look at.

I’m grateful for that person to be able to wander around abroad in this recession.

Until now, the use of money is said to be here, but there are many other expenses, so I have to think about how to use the money.

This is my life and I am the main character of this story.

It was hot outside and the T-shirt was wet more than I expected after eating lunch.

The T-shirt I’m wearing is a UNIQLO sports-type T-shirt that doesn’t stand out even if I sweat and it dries quickly.

If I wore an ordinary T-shirt, I would feel uncomfortable without drying at all.

After all, Southeast Asia is hot.

I haven’t really looked into it, but the image I was holding was correct.

There’s no point in dressing up here.

I think so.

It’s true that I want to keep the souvenir photo in a fashionable appearance for a long time to come, but if you sweat so much, you should prepare a change of clothes for the souvenir photo.

But I can’t do that.

I don’t need anything extra on this trip.

We recommend that you keep your luggage as light as possible.

Besides having a suitcase.

After eating lunch and paying, I started to move.

At this time I thought Angkor Wat was only here.

There are actually more places to see.

I knew a little bit, but I didn’t know that the surrounding area of ​​Angkor Wat was huge at this time, and I was absorbed in enjoying only Angkor Wat on this day.

I will walk to Angkor Wat again.


Certainly, I feel that the tuk-tuk driver waiting at this time was pointing outside.

I think it probably meant that I didn’t have to spend so much time here.

But I walked towards Angkor Wat.

I thought it was only here.

Still good.

Angkor Wat seen from outside and Angkor Wat seen from inside.

I feel like I could see everything.

There were stones that had been restored in various places, and this was clearly new.

I feel that it would have been more natural if an art expert, etc., put in a hand, but I can’t say anything because there may be political things.

It is better to ask the local people to drop the money rather than letting a famous overseas art specialist staff pay a high fee.

Perhaps the conglomerates are dominating such work.

It’s not something we would normally see.

I think that the people who manage it think about it.

Speaking of work, I am the same.

You may be told this because you are the manager.

Let’s be careful.

Look at people’s gestures and shake them again.

I think there was such a saying.

From a variety of angles, I’m impressed that I built this building really well.

But it’s made by people and will eventually collapse.

If it hadn’t been maintained, it might have collapsed.

I may come back here, so I would like the Cambodian government to do my best.

When I was walking inside or taking a photo outside, the sky got dark in no time.

Let’s get back to the hotel.

to be continued.