More north NO.3

More north

Turn around to Angkor Wat.

I am about to return to the hotel from Angkor Wat.

There was a tuk-tuk driver.

Have you been waiting for me all day?

While waiting, I think other customers should catch and earn more, but he didn’t.

Even though I told him, “I’m here all day today”.

I don’t get angry just because I put another customer on.

However, it also shows the feeling that I won’t let go of my guest today.

I wonder if it was because the customer had escaped.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled and turned on the engine and put me on.

“Where are you going after this?”

He said so, but I wanted to go back to the hotel.

“I’m fine today.”

He said he

“What will you do tomorrow?”

I heard that.

“I want to go to a different place tomorrow from Angkor Thom.”

When I said so, he showed me a pamphlet.

I pointed some places I wanted to go.

He said, “I can go all.”

After I arrived at the hotel

“I’ll be waiting here tomorrow”

I said so and he returned.

After arriving at the hotel, I took a shower and went out.

I walked down Pub Street.

I only know here.

If you walk here, dinner will be manageable.

that’s what I thought.

I was swaying because I wanted to go to a place different from yesterday.

There was a slightly bigger shop that seemed to be lively.

There are many foreigners making a noise.

I’ve always wanted to go to this kind of place, but I hate it if I have any trouble, so I used to avoid it.

But let’s take the courage to enter this time.

When I entered, the lady in charge took me to the second floor.

I asked for the Angkor beer I drank yesterday and then had the menu selected.

For some reason, I was playing a match between the Japanese national football team and Uruguay.

When I was watching the game, I heard Japanese from my neighbor.

The next seat was a Japanese man and woman.

Probably a couple.

It seems that his wife is in a bad mood.

My husband was in trouble.

“Hey, get upset”


“Did you come all the way to travel?”


What happened?

His wife’s face was facing down and was angry.

In this situation, my husband looks bad.

But it seems that her husband is apologizing to fix his wife’s mood for the time being.

I can’t concentrate on the match of the Japanese national team.

Even if Honda decides a free kick, the situation of the two people next to him is too high to see the game.

My beer came.

At that time, I asked the clerk what was delicious.

She pointed at the coconut curry without any hesitation.

I don’t like coconut curry.

But she is pointing at the coconut curry without any hesitation.

It’s a smile.

I can’t ask for a different menu.

“Then coconut curry”

She disappeared into the kitchen with a smile.

Next door, a couple with a bad atmosphere, noisy shop, coconut curry.

Bad conditions are in place.

I’m too anxious.

The beer doesn’t go at all.

I don’t get excited at all.

Why do we have to eat while beside the quarrel of a Japanese couple when we are abroad?

Maybe I can’t eat coconut curry.

Let’s leave this store early and look for a different place.

A scary coconut curry came out.

It looks like normal curry.

But when I eat it, the unpleasant scent of coconut will come through my nose.

It’s hell.

I’ll eat a bite for now.

You might be able to eat it.

It was only a moment when I thought so.

After all it is useless.

Let’s eat only rice

Moreover, rice in this country is tough on its own.

How long will this hell last?

I don’t even know why everyone is smiling and eating here.

to be continued.