More north NO.4

More north

I ate

Only rice.

It was still tough.

It wasn’t delicious.

I wanted to get out of this awkward restaurant quickly.

After eating only rice, the curry remains.

Almost untouched.

After finishing the accounting, I drank up the remaining beer all at once and left the store.

And if it stays as it is, he will return to the hotel without feeling anything.

I’m planning to visit Angkor Thom etc tomorrow, but I thought that if I got a bus ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, I would just go.

There was a bar nearby so I went in.

It’s a bar full of foreigners rather than locals.

There is no local menu and it is for foreigners.

I asked for potatoes and Angkor beer and was relaxing.

Moreover, there is free Wi-Fi.

Thank you.

From now on, guests will not be able to enter the hotels and restaurants without Wi-Fi.

It is a very inconvenient era when the Internet is not connected as usual.

Potato and beer came out.

You can spend your time here slowly.

I don’t think there’s anything like the restaurant we were doing.

I was watching the bus service information and the attractions around Angkor Wat on the net.

Of course I was also watching Japanese news.

I haven’t changed anything special, but I see it as a habit.

I usually don’t contact my friends except for what I need, but I’m wasting time because I’m dead.

I guess everyone is.

When I’m doing something like chat, time passes by before I know it.

It’s a good time killing.

It may be good sometimes, but I really don’t like it.

When I got a little drunk, I paid the bill and returned to the hotel.

It’s also a good experience to come to a land you don’t know and try out different things.

I thought so again.

This may be the real pleasure of traveling.

I often get disliked and have a hard time.

But it was fun to solve it myself.

Not only because of my strength, but also because of the cooperation of the local people.

I am grateful for meeting various people.

I returned to the hotel and took a shower and was preparing to sleep.

The hotel is just outside the downtown area and loud music can be heard until midnight.

I didn’t care until now, but I wonder why today.

I should be tired but I can’t sleep.

I went out to a convenience store unexpectedly because I ran out of alcohol.

I bought Angkor beer and chocolate and returned to the hotel.

When I was relaxing on the balcony, a pleasant breeze was flowing outside.

Whenever I go back to the hotel, I leave the air conditioner on.

It’s nice to have an air conditioner in this heat, but at night it’s a little cooler, and when it hits the breeze, it feels good.

I can’t turn off the air conditioner in the room, but for a while I hit the wind and wanted to sleep in peace.

But loud music doesn’t let you do that.

When will I be able to sleep?

I finished the second beer and closed the window and went to bed.

to be continued.