More north NO.6

More north

Tuk Tuk is running with me in the strong sunshine.

There are many cars and tuk-tuk here because it is a tourist spot and it was a little dusty.

Still, as far as I could see, the ruins built over many years were built, and I remained in another world.

Go a little further to the Bayon Temple.

Is this the place where something was worshiped?

Did old people make anything for religion?

Perhaps, like Killingfield, people who didn’t listen to the government based on fear politics were easily killed.

Democracy doesn’t exist, and people’s lives would have been fairly light.

I don’t know what it means to kill people of the same race, but I don’t think people in the past used to do it, nor did they like it.

If you liked it, it means that a considerable number of psychopaths existed at that time.

The world today is crazy enough, but it must have been crazy like before.

The world is cruel now and in the past.

Under the same sky, people are killed in a war every day.

What is the purpose?

Some people do it as a job, but I can’t.

When I was climbing this Bayon Temple, I felt awkward because the stairs were a little loose.

No matter how much maintenance is done, it’s not unusual for it to collapse.

That’s why I’m glad I came here this time.

Maybe there is no next.

I thought about Taj Mahal in India, but it is difficult to keep it as it is, and it cannot be maintained without human intervention. That’s why they are doing major maintenance and maintaining.

And we want to keep this beautiful building and pay the admission fee.

I think that even if someone has made a lot of money due to some interest in the amount of money, it must be left as a World Heritage Site for future generations.

I used to think that when I was a student, history is already a thing of the past, so it’s just wasteful to study and we must always look ahead.

But that was a mistake.

It will be a place for studying the history of this beautiful building and at the same time understanding the human mistakes of the past and not repeating the same thing again.

People make the same mistakes.

Probably the war will continue and innocent people will continue to be killed.

In the meantime, large-scale incidents such as natural disasters and epidemics will occur.

But humanity will continue, and I want to live in it.

I want to see what happens in this world.

And I wanted to learn about such historical buildings and stories as World Heritage Sites.

Behind the Bayon Temple, I asked a Western couple to take a picture.

Basically I don’t like myself in the photo.

It’s just a commemorative photo.

However, since I came here, I wanted to take at least one photo.

The picture that I entered is recognized as a mere cause, but it may be all because I hold the camera and think about the composition and release the shutter.

The news photos and sports photos reflect the truth of the moment.

A photograph is a photograph, whether taken as an art or a historical moment. No more, no less, and of course self-pictures taken with your smartphone.

Anyway, I had to take a picture, and I thought there was no point in sticking to that much.

I left Bayon Temple and searched for a tuk-tuk driver.

He was sleeping.

I felt a little sympathy for the driver, but I woke him up because I didn’t have time.

He got up in amazement and apologized to me.

To be honest, I didn’t care at all, and I was sorry for causing it.

Do you feel like this when you always work in Japan?

I was always irritated and my mental state was unstable.

I can’t say I’m working with a smile, but I regret that if I don’t treat everyone with a sense of normality, I’ll be crazy.

I boarded a tuk-tuk and went to the next attraction, Ta Prohm.

I’m a bit suspicious of going to the clouds.

I like the rain and it’s fantastic, but I didn’t want it to rain this time.

to be continued.