More north NO.7

More north

Ta Prohm.

This is the last place I wanted to go in Siam Reap.

After seeing this, I had to go back to the hotel and head out into the city again to try the undelicious coconut curry.

When I was thinking about such a nasty thing, I was pointing at the place where the driver was.

It’s a cafeteria nearby.

I didn’t eat lunch.

I might have lost my appetite when I was thinking about coconut curry.

I put my thumb on the driver and signaled me to go to the dining room.

It can be a simple one.

If I’m a little full, I’m happy with it.

I was disappointed to see the coconut curry again when I looked at the menu.

I hope I don’t ask.

There is a driver in front of me.

Because I invited them to eat together.

He entered the store together with pity.

He asked for coconut curry when I told him he could eat whatever he liked.

Locals like coconut curry.

Certainly, no matter which cafeteria I go to, it is always on the menu and the driver asks me.

I wonder if I’ll get used to it if I keep eating.

That’s impossible.

Let’s stop this time.

When I asked for frog saute and rice, the clerk said there was something interesting and said it wasn’t on the menu.

I didn’t understand anything, but the driver seemed to come here often and looked at something.

Beef brain.

That made me wonder.

Is it okay to serve such a customer?

In the first place, I was worried that if the brain wasn’t fresh enough, the virus would be so great that parasites would enter my body, so I refused.

However, the clerk told me that it was a little bit, because it was bite-sized, or because it was safe, so I wondered why I wanted to feed him.

In the first place, I’m not familiar with food, but I didn’t know if it was ok to eat.

The driver was also laughing and I was a bit suspicious.

I feel like I’m being sued at a store that sells cow brain miso.

I wondered if it really came out and wanted to see it.

Whether you eat it or not.

While waiting for the food to come out, the driver was telling me how much my salary was in Japan and I wanted to work in Japan.

Certainly, I promise to pay $ 30 a day, but if I convert to Japanese yen in this day, it will be about 3,200 yen.

Nowadays, there is a customer called me, so there may be times when good customers are not available.

In such a case, will I go home without a sentence?

He says there are many customers without doing anything at this time, but at another time it’s tough to lose customers.

I thought that there might be a few people in such a famous tourist spot, and if you could tell me the time, I would like to come next time.

And coconut curry came out first.

The driver was eating deliciously.

A frog came out just before I thought that I couldn’t imitate it.

At first, what I was scared of just listening to or just seeing now is that I can eat it without any resistance and I think it’s even delicious.

After eating it, I found it was delicious.

And cow’s brain miso came out on a small plate.

It’s like I’ve seen it somewhere.

When I recall, it resembles Shirako I ate at a local high-class seafood restaurant.

Is it true that animals are said to be inedible?

I ate a little bit.

After all it is Shirako.

I don’t remember the taste well, but the texture is that of Shirako itself, which makes me feel sick.

I wasn’t sure if my brain was really good, but for the time being I ate a little and gave the rest to the driver.

What I lost while I was going to the bathroom means that the driver ate.

Don’t do it easily.

I didn’t dare to ask the driver, but he smiled.

After paying the bill, the driver thanked me and got on the tuk-tuk and started moving.

to be continued.