Bitcoin is almost 20,000USD

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Is Bitcoin Really Worth It?

It’s invisible, and it’s ridiculous to put out a million or two million for such a thing.

Some people may take that view.

Like stocks, humans spend extraordinary money on invisible things.

This is because there is a hopeful element of expectation and a sensory element of atmosphere.

Spending money on invisible things and things, not things.

If there were similar restaurants in the same area, the customers would gather in a nice atmosphere.

If there is a similar convenience store at the same distance from the house, the atmosphere of the store is good, the girls who work part-time are cute, the boys are handsome, and so on.

The ones they sell are the same.

In a sense, they are deceiving people.

Everyone is looking at something that is invisible to Bitcoin.

Probably a bright future.

Just keep your Bitcoin in the 2020s.

Anyway, 20,000USD soon.

I don’t think it’s better to do your best or make some adjustments.

I’ll have it somehow.

I’m expecting it, but it’s a little higher than that, so I’m afraid that I’ll sell it and let it go.

It’s a fight with myself again.

Good luck yourself.

Do your best not to let everyone go.