To take a picture


take a picture.

Now anyone can take beautiful pictures anytime, anywhere and keep them in people’s memories and records.

It’s no longer a special existence.

However, it becomes an important memory for people and an important record for companies.

It’s no longer a special existence, but it’s still an indispensable existence for people.

Each one of them plays an important role, and photographs are needed.

From the perspective of a photographer, including myself, not only the finished photograph but also the existence of the camera itself is important, and I imagine how to handle the camera and what kind of photograph I want to take, and release the shutter. There is.

To be honest, I don’t really care about the award-winning works in photography competitions, but what level do you have among people who use cameras? What kind of photography is popular with people and it becomes a job. I wanted to see if it would go.

It’s unpleasant for me to speak out and criticize someone else’s photo.

However, I was wondering what other people think of the photos I took.

“It’s a beautiful photo.”

“Where did you take this photo?”

“How can I shoot like this?”

People who take pictures with their smartphones usually ask such a thing.

I think that if you release the shutter from the same place with the same camera and the same lens, you can take the same picture.

In other words, I release the shutter with the intention of taking such a picture with the image of the result.

I’m glad that the answer is that it doesn’t matter if it’s good or beautiful, and even if you look at it from the general public, you don’t really understand it.

I wanted people called teachers to see my pictures and evaluate them.

It’s a matter of course for anyone who does a little camera.

That’s why I entered the contest because I wanted to check my photo and the level of eyes that chose it based on whether the photo I liked was evaluated.

The result is “Nomination” and “Honorable Mention”

It was a half-finished result, but I was relieved that my work was evaluated even a little for the time being.

I didn’t know which direction I was taking the picture.

And I’m glad I realized I wasn’t wrong.

However, I have noticed it in the competition.

I applied for the competition between Japan and overseas this time, but Japan gives information on the camera and lens used, but overseas there is no information input such as camera, lens, processed, etc., and only the photo is applied. (Of course I will give it a title)

And about the Japanese competition, I didn’t get caught on the edge or the stick.

Both of the works submitted overseas were caught.

I’m not sure about the situation, but from now on, let’s focus on overseas competitions.

I would like to confirm my position as a photographer a little more.

I hope I can continue to take pictures.