To Bitcoin adjustment

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Bitcoin has begun to decline gradually as of December 11, after exceeding 20,000 USD in November 2020.

Is this what is called adjustment?

Or I don’t know if this fall will bring Bitcoin holders to hell again, but from an investment perspective, I think this is a temporary adjustment.

In the summer of 2018, it temporarily exceeded 15,000 USD and fell from there, but it should not be like that.

There is a movement that online payment services can use Bitcoin, and it is becoming impossible to ignore what is politically called a crypto asset.

It must be discussed as soon as possible in order to protect the home currency in the future, and laws and regulations must be created.

If you miss here, the country will be one step behind the world.

And there is still money laundering.

For better or for worse, we have to discuss crypto assets.

It is difficult for developed countries to create new things, but for developing countries, they want to follow this trend and get closer to the world.

In some countries, developing countries, which have been lagging behind due to lack of resources and technology or lack of basic education for the people, will see the spread of the Internet as an opportunity to catch up and overtake the world.

It is only a matter of time before this crypto asset, which is still seen as a speculative target, becomes a common language in the world.

How about ignoring it while knowing it?

It is not only me but more than half of the world who feel that the common language of banknotes, which has been loved all over the world, is about to change.

I’m so interested in it, so I’d like to participate as much as possible.

I don’t know who made Bitcoin for what purpose.

Is it for future cashless society?

Is it to let the world know about your technology?

Or did you want to create this currency and create big assets?

The truth is in the dark while the person named Satoshi Nakamoto has not been identified.

However, in reality, this crypto asset has jumped out into the world and has begun to be recognized, causing problems.

I don’t know what will happen to Bitcoin in the future, but crypto assets will become the currency of the world and become a common language.

Overcoming this adjustment, Bitcoin will leap forward and pull other coins, eventually becoming a world without banknotes.

Some may wonder if that is the case.

However, if that happens, there is no choice but to live in it.

Until now, human beings have lived by accepting various changes and adapting to them.

What has changed, whether aggressive or not, cannot be restored.

If we can go back to the times when we didn’t have smartphones and computers that everyone has, we can’t go back anymore.

If you recall, life is the same without a smartphone or computer.

However, I can’t go back anymore because I’ve blended into my life.

Humans can live even if they return.

Because humans are adaptable creatures.

But humanity is moving forward.

From analog to digital.

By repeating this, humankind will eventually perish.

But we are moving forward.

Perhaps the same thing happened before humanity began?

Isn’t it repeating all the time?

History repeats itself, and humans continue to make mistakes and live.

The war never ends.

Old fashion also regains fashion every few years.

Refrigerators, washing machines, telephones, televisions, records, etc. will become indispensable items that will shock and make people’s lives more convenient.

The same is true for Bitcoin, which is called a crypto asset.

It’s up to the person to see it or participate, but I want to participate in some way.

It doesn’t matter whether it becomes digital garbage or digital gold.

It makes sense to participate.

Change is just around the corner.

I can’t look forward to it.