Bitcoin topped $ 20,000

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Bitcoin has surpassed $ 20,000.

In yen, it’s about 2,100,000 yen.

I’ve come here after the adjustment the other day.

I’m not judging by the amount of money, but it should have been the price this time as proof that the balance between supply and demand exceeds demand.

It may be a temporary one, but the potential of Bitcoin was not perfect.

Some people say that it’s natural to go up if you go crazy, but the general public doesn’t know how hard it is to put up with it.

Of course it may plummet again.

But now that we’ve come this far, people who haven’t been interested in crypto assets will definitely look.

Cryptocurrency assets will accelerate if people who want to have even a little now think that they should have it.

Some people may be collecting what is called grass coins, but I’m still a bitcoin choice, a symbol of crypto assets.

Of course, it may be functionally a long time ago, and everyone knows that, but even so, this Bitcoin cannot be ignored.

The result is this price.

Bitcoin is not currently recognized as a currency, but it is said that it threatens the central banks of each country.

There is no reason for banks to look at crypto assets.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been told such negative things.

The value that was less than one yen has already exceeded $ 20,000.

This is just a passing point.

The potential of crypto assets is not like this.

Yes, this is just a passing point.