Bitcoin and to the legend

Cryptocurrency 1-10


It all started in 2009 with Satoshi Nakamoto.

Suddenly there was a 9-page report on the internet.

It is a currency managed by everyone who uses the currency, not the way it should be.

It was a dream-like report for the future that could be used equally by the intervention of the state and those in power to prevent some interests from being passed.

A blockchain that is not yet technically known.

It can be confirmed by the person who uses it so that it cannot be tampered with in the past transaction.

Everyone can manage it equally and use it equally.

That was the definition of currency.


When Bitcoin was issued, the value was as low as 10 yen per Bitcoin, but there were some people who were interested in it.

The human beings began to own it, and engineers familiar with computers in each country began to recognize it, and the amount of possession gradually increased.

However, no matter how much you own it, you cannot use it at all.

Bitcoin was not a currency at this time.

At that time, a turning point comes.

May 22, 2010.

There was a man who bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins.

For the first time he was able to exchange Bitcoin for something that existed.

This day is called Bitcoin Pizza Day.

After that, Bitcoin had transactions with each individual, but the value was decided by them.

However, Mt. Gox was the first to notice the virtual currency called Bitcoin.

Originally, the founder ran an intermediary company such as buying and selling cards for card games, but he also turned his attention to the virtual currency Bitcoin and became able to trade with people all over the world at Mt. Gox.

Around this time, Bitcoin was $ 30, and it was said to be the first bubble.

And Mt. Gox was featured in a major American business magazine, and its attention was even higher.

The incident happened there.

It’s a large-scale hacking incident.

Bitcoin cannot be stolen because it uses a special technology called blockchain.

People simply thought so.

However, this hacking incident did not break the blockchain and technically hack it.

He stole Bitcoin from an exchange called Mt. Gox.

It wasn’t a problem with blockchain.

Originally, Mt. Gox was a company that had a suspicious movement from the expert’s point of view due to the sloppy accounting process from the beginning.

The president, who was on trial, pleaded not guilty and was on trial until 2019.

The president was acquitted.

He wasn’t guilty because the president is a person who has been trying to rebuild because the amount of money he has received since he inherited the business from the founder and the amount of money he holds do not match.

But for those who had Bitcoin, they wanted the exchange to give maximum security to it.

And in this case, the virtual currency called Bitcoin has been recognized by many as a suspicious currency.

I didn’t have a good image, but it became an opportunity for people to know the concept of virtual currency.

People who felt that the currencies they had used for granted were about to change, were beginning to take an interest in Bitcoin.

After that, the currency crisis in Greece affected the tax havens of Cyprus.

Cyprus is a place where many companies and celebrities have set up companies and protected their assets with tax incentives.

Many were looking for something else to withdraw their assets and invest in, as there was no point in keeping a company in Cyprus when the Cyprus was to be taxed externally.

And it was Bitcoin that everyone noticed.

With this as a trigger, Bitcoin became famous again and its value increased.

And in Japan, the revised Funds Settlement Law was enacted in 2017, and it became a form that recognized virtual currency as a country.

With this as an opportunity, many exchanges were opened, and commercials of virtual currency using TV talent were flowing every day.

In such a situation, the value increased more and more to 2 million yen per bitcoin.

And the market price fluctuates in units of 100,000 yen almost every day.

It was no longer sane.

Meanwhile, another incident happened.

This is a coin check case.

A virtual currency called Nem issued by Coincheck was hacked.

The amount is about 58 billion yen.

I still remember being interviewed by a talent who had been doing a wide show but had lost a sentence.

Isn’t the case hacked by Coincheck becoming popular even though it is not mature as an exchange and was hacked before focusing on security?

I heard that he kept 58 billion yen worth of NEM in his hot wallet.

If that’s true, it’s bad.

I don’t know what will happen in the world today, so I want you to equip it with the latest security and protect everyone’s money.

After that, Bitcoin was over 2 million yen, but it crashed like a lie, and the word “billionaire” disappeared without a trace.

And unfortunately, only a large amount of tax was left for the investors who had lost their sentences after the settlement at the highest price and then the crash of repurchase.

Cryptocurrencies, now called crypto assets, are now being hurt by the tax office because they don’t understand that they will be taxed if they trade on these assets as well.

And what I don’t want you to misunderstand is that there is false information that taxes are only applied to cash payments.

For example, if Bitcoin rises by 100 million yen and then switches to Ethereum, Bitcoin will be settled at that point, and the tax for the profit will be levied on the person.

There are many situations where I can’t help without knowing that I’m not taxed because I misinterpreted this information.

Be careful when investing.

And if you make a lot of money, don’t be afraid to talk to your tax accountant.

2018 has reached its bottom.

Bitcoin has dropped to 300,000 yen at one point.

It was said that the virtual currency was over and it was a cold and long season.

However, it suddenly revived to the 1.5 million yen level in 2019.

And the big fireworks also see the bottom as indigestion.

This is no longer a currency.

There should be no currency with such high volatility.


It is said that the market has cooled down due to the coronavirus and the world has ended, but there is a demand for gold, which is recognized as a safe asset here.

Gold is perceived as a reasonably stable asset without external influences.

And Bitcoin has also started to move.

As with gold, there is a perception that it will not be affected by the outside world, so demand has increased here as well.

In the world, the business model has changed because of the influence of the coronavirus or the fact that people stop going out and do everything at home.

Businesses such as mail order, Uber sweets, and electronic payments that can be completed without human intervention are emerging.

Originally, Bitcoin is invisible and it is difficult to say that its value is questioned, but Bitcoin is not infinite, it is steadily decreasing, and the value itself will definitely increase.

The upper limit is set to 21 million bit coins, and 18 million bit coins among them have been issued at present.

And it will be published 140 years later.

By the way, when Bitcoin started to be issued, the number of Bitcoins that people who neglected to manage have lost their passwords and cannot be taken out forever is about 6 million Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is already gone by 2020.

Supply has already reached the end.

Demand is just going up.

As evidence of this, it exceeded 2.3 million yen on December 19, 2020.

Unlike those days when it was said that it was abnormal in 2017, the demand for Bitcoin is already stronger.

Then, it is not so if it will continue to rise from now on.

If a large institutional investor sells in large quantities, the value will drop.

I don’t know what will happen in the future.

Citibank of the United States also says that it will be 310,000 dollars (about 32 million yen) in 2021.

Financial officials are expecting a rise.

This would be an opportunity if the 2021 Olympics were to be held in Japan.