Ripple fall

Cryptocurrency 1-10

December 2020

Ripple, which had doubled with Bitcoin, plummeted.

The cause is the delisting information in the US SEC.

It’s unpleasant news that waters the cryptocurrency industry, which was so exciting at the end of 2020.

Normally, if Bitcoin goes up, the coin will go up if it is chasing it.

That was exactly the case when Bitcoin moved at the end of the year.

However, after the delisting information was released, only Ripple plummeted and returned to the summer price.

Basically, Japanese people like Ripple.

The number of issued coins is large and all coins have already been issued.

It may be a simple idea that the original price is cheap and it is easy to get started.

In fact, the first coin I bought was Ripple.

Somehow, it has a large quantity and I feel that it has potential for the future compared to Bitcoin in terms of functionality.

The idea is still the same.

The current price is less than 50 yen.

Even if you buy it at this price, it is easy for ordinary members of society to get out of the way, and it is worth it if you swallow the information that it will go up to 1,000 yen in the future.

The future is bright considering that the future will be 20 times higher than the current price.

But the world wasn’t that sweet.

Originally, the SEC doesn’t really think about virtual currencies.

I have never wondered if there is a direct relationship, but it is the general public who have hopes for a change in the flow of money so far, and virtual currencies are very for those who have controlled the currency so far. I think it’s an obstacle.


Even if it’s convenient for the general public.

It may be a concession.

Perhaps it can be imagined that virtual currencies have been developed and have taken shape to some extent.

And I think that the people in power who cannot allow the people who developed it to take on new interests have crushed it.

It’s easy to crush because the powers only have to attack the developers.

However, what appeared there was not a centralized currency that someone controls, but a decentralized currency that everyone monitors.

From the general public, this currency is very equal and it is not a system that one person can get, so there are many people who want to support it, and since the developers do not come out, who should crush anyone in power? I guess I didn’t understand.

When I noticed, people in the world have become something that cannot be ignored, and I could only take restraint measures such as not accepting ETFs.

Cryptocurrencies that have become so famous that they are on the agenda of the Diet, have caused problems, and have been hitting the important places in the world of finance cannot be crushed or stopped.

If you say fraud, on the contrary, there is a risk that you will be struck by the fact that the conventional central bank method is fraudulent.

If new things come out at any time, old things will disappear.

When new jobs come out, old jobs will disappear.

The internet and smartphones are good examples.

I rarely listen to fax machines and calculators, and books are not selling well.

Rather than not selling, the place to sell is not the bookstore but the online sales place.

Of course, there are some good points in what is called analog.

Letters written by hand convey my feelings, and postcards arrive at the beginning of the year.

The world is changing due to problems such as stamps.

In the manufacturing industry, automatic processing is progressing, and the number of people who are said to be craftsmen is decreasing.

Not all jobs are new and old ones cannot be denied.

It must have been cutting-edge at the beginning when some of the old ones came out.

The problem will be humans.

Returning to the story, it cannot be said that it will be impossible to say anything when asked about the meaning of regional banks in terms of finance.

The purpose is not to stop or deny this, but to accept it and try it, and the world will go for the better.

So is virtual currency.

Ripple is fast and will be much more convenient for foreign workers to send money to their families, but again it is disliked by the money transfer methods used so far (such as Western Union).

I think this is a trend of the times, and I think it is a message that we must always think about ways to be convenient and enriched as a company and people.

Ripple is declining now, but we should have bought coins for the future, rather than being overwhelmed here.

It is falling.

That is a fact.

But in the future it will be up.

Because it’s easy to imagine that such a hot topic and famous coins will never disappear and grow bigger.

It’s better to think that it’s not a matter of patience or something like that, but that it has fallen a little.

The world cannot proceed unless it accepts virtual currency.

Slowly over 5 to 10 years, the number of banknotes from developed countries will decrease, and transactions will surely be carried out by exchanging numbers displayed on the screen.

The transaction fee is also insignificant.

All for the future.