Takumi Minamino, what was the best play of the long-awaited premiere first goal?


◯What happened to Nanno who came in front of the goal after receiving a pass from Mane?

Liverpool’s Takumi Minamino has scored the long-awaited Premier League first goal. Nanno, who started in the 14th round against Crystal Palace since the 10th round, started in the left wing.

This season, Nanno played the 8th league match. Up to this point, most of them participated just before the end of the second half. As Diogo Jota began to produce results early in the season, even Minamino, who could handle multiple positions, had less chance to play in the league.

However, Jota was forced to leave the injury for a month and a half in the Champions League, and Joel Matip was injured in the first half of the match against Fulham in Section 12. Minamino got a chance to participate in the latter half of this game. Minamino wanted a result when the chances came again due to the succession of injured people.

And it is the starting lineup in the Crystal Palace match. Mohamed Salah was preserved on the bench, Sadio Mané on the right wing and Minamino on the left wing, and it was 3 minutes from the start with a slightly different arrangement.

A long feed passed through Manet who entered the penalty area, and Minamino, a freelancer, was waiting before turning over. After this, how did Minamino receive the pass from Manet and shoot?

Put a feint, dodge the DF, and shoot at an angle.

The first point is Minamino’s positioning when Liverpool made a side change from the left side to the right side in the previous play.

Minamino on the left side was in a free position in the space next to the opponent’s voluntary while narrowing down to the center. After this, no player caught Minamino until he received the ball in front of the goal.

The next point is when a long feed passes from Trent Alexander-Arnold to Manet who ran into the penalty area. Crystal Palace DF Nathaniel Clyne was on the far side of Roberto Firmino’s mark.

When Klein caught Minamino, Minamino became free in the center of the penalty area and requested a pass from Manet. Klein went to Minamino the moment the pass came out, but the initiative in this scene was with Minamino, who had plenty of space and time.

Nanno caught the sight of Klein approaching while picking up the ball, and controlled after putting in a kick feint. Of course, to slip Klein.

And Minamino, who originally knew that the goalkeeper was on the near side and Gary Cahill who returned home would come to erase the near course, moved the ball a little more with a two-touch eye and then shot at an angle to the far side. I typed in.

Although the ball hit the DF a little, Minamino scored a vivid premiere first goal with the finish work as he imagined.