In 2021, Bitcoin plunges into a “huge bull market”: prominent analyst PlanB

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PlanB, a well-known analyst who regularly publishes Bitcoin (BTC) price forecasts on Twitter, said when he appeared in the online conference “SALT Talks”, “Bitcoin is a huge bull market in 2021. I’m going to rush into. ” He explained that “Bitcoin is a” money protocol “” and said that “it makes no sense to use multiple currencies after 2020.”

“2021 is expected to be a huge bull market year”

When he appeared at the online conference “SALT Talks,” Plan B predicted that “bitcoin prices will rise to $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 by next Christmas.” He said above that he expected that “next year will be a huge bull market year.”

Compared to gold and real estate over the last decade, Bitcoin prices have grown 10 to 20 times more from here, rising to $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 by Christmas next year. I don’t think it’s strange.

Some people may find these predictions “stupid” because they sound so bullish, but these moves have happened three times in the past.

After years of nothing happening and experiencing some big crashes, I think next year will be a huge bull market year.

PlanB cites “the supply of Bitcoin is limited” and “the half-life of Bitcoin has come” as bullish reasons for the future of Bitcoin. “If you want Bitcoin, you Must convince someone to sell BTC. ”

◯BTC = “money protocol” used after 2020.

People who think that “Bitcoin is the one and only crypto asset” are called “Bitcoin Maximalist” in the cryptocurrency industry, but PlanB said, “I am the term. I don’t like it, “but admits that he is a Bitcoin maximalist.

“It doesn’t make sense to use multiple currencies after 2020,” PlanB emphasized that “Bitcoin is a” money protocol “rather than a company” as a reason for supporting Bitcoin. It’s much more efficient to use one currency protocol, Bitcoin. ”

I think the winner will take all the games. I think much of the confusion there comes from the fact that “some people consider Bitcoin and other coins to be products and companies.” Because you can have a wide variety of products, some products can win, others lose, and multiple companies can co-exist. This is a very logical view.

But in my opinion, Bitcoin is not a company, but a “protocol”. You can have a “money protocol” called Bitcoin, but I think it doesn’t make sense to use multiple currencies after 2020. It is much more efficient to use one currency protocol called Bitcoin. I fall into what people call a “maximalist,” but I don’t like the term.

◯BTC’s biggest risk is “government and regulatory interference”

PlanB believes that “Bitcoin is ready to show a parabolic price hike in 2021”, while Bitcoin is “government” as well as “a great technology that will make history”. It states that it is vulnerable to “regulatory interference”.

The biggest risk people see is “government bans or regulations.” The government is openly opposed to Bitcoin, but especially trying to kill what was born before Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was not the first digital currency to be born, but the fourth, fifth and sixth. All other digital currencies that were born before Bitcoin were sentenced to suspension by the government for reasons such as “not peer-to-peer” and “the inventor was not anonymous”.

Take a closer look at what the government has done to Facebook’s “Libra (now Diem)”. In a sense Bitcoin was specially designed to address these risks.

“Bitcoin can be affected by governments, regulations, etc.,” he said, but “eventually the regulations will be improved and more rational regulations will be applied.” He also talks about what he thinks.

When the car was just invented, there was a rule that “if you have a car, you must hire a person who walks with a red flag in front of the car” so that pedestrians and bicycles are not in danger. did. All new technologies bring their own stupid regulations, which will eventually improve and become more rational.

Mr. PlanB has accurately predicted the price movement of Bitcoin in 2020, and in September when it was moving at “1 BTC = around 1 million yen”, he expressed the idea that “Bitcoin price will rise soon”, 11 In May, he said, “There is no doubt that the Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 to $ 280,000 (about 10.5 million to 29.4 million yen) by December 2021.”