“Taki has always been sensational.” What is the reason why the hot-blooded Han Klopp evaluates “1 goal” Takumi Minamino?


◯I was hit by three and a half lines from the dry media …

“Taki has been sensational ever since I came here.”

Liverpool’s hot-blooded Jurgen Klopp said so about Takumi Minamino in an interview with the matchday program distributed during the match against Tottenham on the 16th of this month. At this point, he praised the striker who hadn’t scored a single goal in the Premier League.

Takumi Minamino has been struggling for about a year since becoming a member of Liverpool in January this year.

It was a samurai warrior who joined from Red Bull Salzburg, which was the main force, with a noise, but Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané’s three top strongholds could not be destroyed. This season, his second year in the team, some games will be appointed in the middle of the game.

In some dry media, words that could be taken as virtually three and a half lines were also pointed out. Nevertheless, Minamino continued to play patiently without complaining about the commander’s usage.

Finally, I visited the Premier League’s first goal against Crystal Palace on December 19, local time. Nanno swung his right foot after dodging with a calm trap while receiving pressure from the opponent’s defender in the enemy area. The scene that shouted out immediately after his score seemed to convey his hardships.

The commander continues to appreciate Nanno, who has finally achieved tangible results in a team that requires altruistic spirit but also individual results. The reason is also revealed in the interview of the matchday program mentioned above.

“I don’t like talking about any particular player, but Taki is the one I want to emphasize. His attitude is always at the highest level and he is constantly working to improve his weaknesses. The team needed patience, and I thought the situation would be very difficult. ”

Klopp, who pointed out Minamino’s stance of working hard at all times, continues.

“It’s not because he’s not good that he’s less likely to start in his starting lineup, it’s about how consistent the players playing in his position are. Taki sets an example. I teach everyone the preciousness. They pour everything.

Recently, I started using him in the middle of the game, but he accepts it and is actively working on it. The attitude of devoting yourself to these teams is absolutely necessary for a successful season. ”

After the match against Crystal Palace, where Minamino’s success was shining and he won 7-0, Klopp said, “Taki is definitely having a wonderful moment, so we want to make use of it.” Looking at the words and actions of these commanders, it may be that the spotlight is finally coming to the man who has been working on it from his daily practice.