You need to protect your other money.

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In the world, money is made up of coins or banknotes.
Every country is about the same.
However, in the world, coins and banknotes will decrease and become digital.
You will already feel this.
The money you have is very convenient in your pocket or wallet.
But think twice.
Have you ever had trouble with money?
I lost it.
It was stolen.
I gave it to my family.
I lent it to a friend.
Your money is running low in the face of various problems.
That money is the money you earned from working.
And yet you can’t protect your money.
That’s wrong.

It’s a sad event to steal or give away the money you’ve earned over a long period of time to someone who isn’t working.
Protect your own money.
It’s a matter of course.
In countries such as the Philippines, there is a digital system called GCASH, which is convenient.
But this system is only convenient for spending money.
From now on you have to live a long future, so you should cherish more money.
Because it’s your precious money.
You should protect your money for your children, for your wife in the future.
Of course you are now thanks to your parents and siblings.
I must thank you for that.
Doesn’t that mean you don’t have to pay everything?
If you have any money, the people around you will be aiming for your money.
「Lend me.」
「I want to eat rice.」

Only those people are not working.
There is no point in giving that person money.
The money is unfortunate but never returned.
The money you earn from working should be spent and saved for you.
You are the one who protects the money.
In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, everyone studies money to protect their own money.
Because it’s very important.
If you want to protect your future even a little, first protect your money.
Once that’s done, you can look to invest as the next stage.
You protect your future.
Money is not the only thing that makes you happy, but money is important in your life.
I just want you to understand that.