Bitcoin hits $ 31,000 and hits new highs BTC market moves to a new stage.

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Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, broke through the psychological milestone of $ 30,000 at around 9:30 pm Japan time (around 7:30 am east coast time in the United States). It is a form that has renewed the highest price so far and entered a new stage.

The market capitalization is 58.7 trillion yen, which is close to 60 trillion yen. On the other hand, the actual trading volume of Bitcoin on the US largest cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase reached a quiet record high of -20% compared to the previous day.

Updated at 10:40 pm Japan time: Bitcoin price topped $ 3,1200. The sharp increase in Bitcoin trading volume on cryptocurrency exchanges is that OKEX’s Bitcoin futures are up 78% from the previous day and Bitfinex is 43%.

○BTC price gets off to a good start in 2021.

It was said that there was a “selling wall” around $ 30,000, but this price increase has risen to around $ 30,700.

Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo, who has about 200,000 followers on Twitter, said, “You shouldn’t struggle to get the perfect time to buy Bitcoin. Over the next year, $ 100,000, $ 200,000, 300,000. It could go up to the dollar. ”

On the same day, other than Bitcoin, one of the altcoins “Dogecoin” increased by 44% from the previous day. The trading volume of overseas exchange Binance is 20 times higher than the previous day and is booming.