Compare Bitcoin to a tulip bubble.

Cryptocurrency 21-30

Do you know tulip mania?

It was a boom that occurred in Europe and the United States in the 1600s.

A tulip is that flower tulip.

Now you can get beautiful tulips cheaply, including florists.

Even if you don’t bother to get it, if you take a walk in the city, it will bloom in the park.

It is a flower that is so familiar.

But that’s the story today, and in the 1600s, 400 years ago, tulips were ridiculously overpriced because they were so rare and brightly colored that they fascinated people.

It is said that tulip bulbs were priced at about 20 million yen in the current Japanese yen, and many people have become millionaires with tulip bulbs.

There is only one answer as to why the price was so high.

Because it was rare.

And mass production was difficult with the technology at that time, and very few people could get tulip bulbs.

And having it was a rich status.

Doesn’t it look like something?

It is a bitcoin called gold or digital gold.

Although it has few uses, it is highly rare and its value is recognized worldwide.

As I said at the beginning, the story of tulip bulbs is a Western event.

And the story of Bitcoin this time is recognized all over the world, and almost no one knows it.

However, at present, there are many skeptical perspectives and people are in a situation where they cannot reach out.

I think the reason is that there are news several times a year that Bitcoin has been hacked or used for money laundering.

But think twice.

There has never been news that the system of Bitcoin itself has been destroyed.

The bad news is the sweetness of hacked insecure exchanges and exchanges that have converted hacked Bitcoin into currency.

Bitcoin uses a technology called blockchain, so there is no need to worry about it being destroyed.

It is also highly rare because it has an issuance limit of 21 million bitcoins without being destroyed by extremely strong technology.

And we are already approaching the issue limit.

At the time of the tulip bubble, the price was such that you could buy a house with just one bulb.

It’s the same with Bitcoin, and it will continue to grow this year and next year, and if you have 1 Bitcoin, you will be able to buy a house.

Bitcoin has also risen considerably.

(Bitcoin to the Legend)

But it’s not too late.

One politician pointed out the problem of 20 million yen in old age.

It will be worth the investment for yourself in the future.

History repeats itself.

It must be the same this time.