What happens if you use your iPhone 12 Pro for a month without protective glass?


The result of using the iPhone 12 Pro for one month without protective glass or protective film … How hard is the new technology “Ceramic Shield”? Introducing precautions to prevent scratches.

Is the iPhone 12 series really scratch resistant?
About two months have passed since the iPhone 12 series (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max) was released.

A technology called “Ceramic Shield” is used for the display glass of the iPhone 12 series. It incorporates a ceramic called nanoceramic crystal into the glass and controls the type of crystal and the degree of crystallization to maximize the strength of the ceramic while maintaining high transparency (extracted from Apple’s official website). That’s it.

The iPhone 12 series is characterized by its improved resistance to scratches, scratches, and daily wear, and by making the edges of the display glass and body the same height, it also has improved drop resistance.

In that case, it was about a month ago that I decided to use it without attaching protective glass. I always sell the old model and use it to buy the new model, so it’s best not to damage it. In the past, I’ve used the iPhone several times without sticking anything such as protective glass or film, but after using it for a week each time, there were some noticeable scratches. After all, I was worried about the scratches, so I tried to make it inconspicuous by pasting glass from above.

Replacing the protective glass if it breaks has become a routine while using the iPhone for many years, and I thought it was a necessary expense, but even cheap ones cost about 1000 yen, and if you think about it, it has been so far. I don’t know how much I spent on the protective glass. I bought about 2 iPhones on average while using one model, so I used 8 iPhones x 2 = 16 iPhones in the past, and each one costs 10dollar to 30dollar, and the average is 20dollar. With this calculation, I might have spent about 320dollar.

This time, it was officially said that it was highly resistant to scratches, and with the help of strong interest, I dared to use it without sticking anything.

Thoroughly adhere to the two precautions!

There are two main things to keep in mind when using the iPhone 12 Pro without protective glass or film. One is not to put your iPhone in your pocket with anything else. From experience, if you put it in your pocket with something, it will still be easily scratched. When I put my iPhone in my pocket, I made sure that I could only put it in my pocket.

The other is that when you wipe the display, dust it off and then wipe it. It’s easy to think that the cause of scratching the iPhone is a sharp key, which is not a mistake, but it is actually necessary to pay attention to “dust” and “dust”.

This is because when substances rub against each other, “the side with low hardness can be scraped” is the basic mechanism of scratching. Most of the dust and dust are fibers of clothes that do not hurt things, but sometimes small pieces of crushed sand (minerals) and fine metal powder (iron powder, etc.) that flew in the wind. ) May be mixed.

If you wipe the display with such hard dust and dirt on it, you are rubbing hard debris on the display.

If dust or dust with a hardness higher than that of the iPhone display adheres, it will be scratched as it is. Therefore, when I wanted to wipe the display, I first removed the dust and dirt that can be removed immediately, and then wiped it with microfiber.

Also, since the back and sides are likely to be scratched as easily as the conventional model, I used a thin plastic cover. Other than that, I haven’t done anything special.

At one month, there were no even minute scratches
From the conclusion, although I used it without sticking anything for about a month, the iPhone 12 Pro did not have any visible scratches. There are no noticeable scratches and no fine line scratches. There are no scratches like tiny dots. I checked it by changing the angle and changing the lighting condition, but no scratches were found on the display surface.

I may have taken two precautions, but even with this usage, I think that the previous iPhone was scratched without noticing it. I think the durability of Ceramic Shield is reliable to some extent. I would like to continue using it in this state and check if it is scratched from time to time.

Also, in my case, this was the result, but it does not mean that “it will not be scratched even if nothing is stuck”, so if you absolutely do not want to scratch it, stick a protective glass or film. I would like to recommend that.

※Information from ASCII.